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mal07 156Frédérique was born in Africa into a French and Spanish family. She has lived in Algeria, France, Spain, Mallorca and Germany. Her travels have taken her around the whole world.

On her many paths in life, she has soaked up the soul of different cultures, gained a respectful and intensive view on nature, colour, forms, objects, moods and people. She studied law and languages, but dancing, music and photography are her true passion.

Genius of the moment – her photographic eye reveals her intention: capturing intensity and depth.

The exotic, such as a lined face in the light of Nepal or a Creole in the Caribbean sun, fascinates all of us.

Frédérique Marie Miñana finds beauty in every face and creates art from scenes and objects of daily life. She catches what we no longer perceive.

As well as being an Art photographer, she has also made a name for herself as a documentary photographer. As a sought-after wedding photographer she designs artistic books for her customers that are abundant with aesthetic, intense and striking pictures.

She also produces appealing books and exhibition catalogues with pictures from other genres, such as portrait, city and landscape photography, and works with German and French authors to combine poetry and photographic images.

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